Indie Music Review: The Best of Walk The Moon

There are times when you listen to a certain song and it grows on you, until you cant help but put it on repeat and listen to it a hundred times in the day.

Then there are songs which make you fall in love with them with the very first listen. And that happens more or less every time I listen to any new music from the band Walk the Moon.

The American Indie pop band consists of lead singer Nicholas Perticca, Ā Bassist Kevin-Ray Whitehall, Drummer Sean Waugaman, and Guitarist Eli Maiman.

The first song I heard of theirs was Anna Sun, which is probably their most popular song. If you don’t feel like getting up and dancing while listening to it, just watch the music video. And if you still don’t feel like shaking a leg, then I assume you are the one who stands by the DJ with a drink all night at a party.

Nicholas is absolutely gorgeous and adorable in the video, dancing like no one is watching.

No really.

His dance moves are so quirky that you’ll love them but will be too embarrassed to try them yourselves.

Anyway, the next song that got me hooked and made me check out their other songs, was Next In Line. If you are the kind of person who loves long drives at night with some refreshing music on, then this song is for you.Ā The lyrics will match the mood and you’ll not want the ride or the song to end for a long time.

Next comes the song which introduced me to the most amazing endearment term ever. Shiver Shiver talks about intimacy in the most cutest manner possible, whereĀ Nicholas endearingly calls his lover, “Owly.” I am so gonna use this when the time comes, because “Honey” and “Baby” are just so mainstream.

Okay, so now coming to their latest album Talking is Hard. I know I am a year late in listening to its songs since the album came out last year in December, but hey, a girl has herĀ reasons.

Anyway, so all the songs on Talking is Hard are marvelous, with Shut Up and Dance even getting the billboard appreciation. But the three songs that Iā€™ve got on repeat since last week are Avalanche, We Are The Kids and my current favorite, Down in the Dumps.

The beats are funky, tune is refreshing and the music is as always, fun and easy to dance and shake your head to. If you don’t like this song, I am totally judging your musical inclinations. Just kidding! To each his own.

But if you are into indie pop and like listening to music that makes you feel good and happy, then Walk the Moon is your band.

Here are the links to some of their other songs I like. Give them a go and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!



I Want! I Want!


Different Colors


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