This Republic Day, Let’s Do What We Must

Today is India’s 67th Republic Day.

As our country celebrates 66 years of being a sovereign nation, let us pledge to do whatever we can to make India more amazing than it already is.

Here’s a thought.

This Republic Day;

Let us remember the sacrifices of our forefathers and freedom fighters;

And put the love for our country above everything else that matters.

Let us appreciate our soldiers for their multitude of sacrifices and undying spirit of patriotism;

And vow to keep them and their families in our prayers, always.

Let us promise to rise above corruption and deceitful political agendas;

And set a better example of a truthful society and government for our children.

Let us overcome our prejudices and open our hearts to fellow humans;

Regardless of which country, state, religion, ethnicity, caste or gender they come from.

Let us teach our children to respect women of all ages;

And create a healthy and safe environment for our daughters and sons.

Let us strive to acknowledge true, meaningful art without any bias;

And use our talents and resources to make our country proud in front of the world.

Let us give education and public awareness the importance they deserve;

And make them a compulsion, not an alternative.

Let us move past our rigid ideologies and social acerbity;

And look at the bigger picture of developing our country to it’s best potential.

Finally, on the eve of our 67th Republic Day;

Let us all come together, put aside all our differences and jointly work to free India of all the stigmas and malevolence that currently plague our nation, and develop and transform it into a country that the whole world can admire.

Jai Hind!


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