Pripyat- The Forgotten City (30 Years After The Chernobyl Disaster)

I have a story to tell, but there is nobody to listen anymore.

People come to see what remains of my former glory;

But no one stays long enough to experience the nights of utter desolation;

that I have been living in, since the past 29 years.

I had good people who loved me in the past;

Now, my menacing nature is all that anyone remembers.

Where I heard people talk and children laugh before;

There is only eerie quietude along the empty corridors.

They say the very air surrounding me is contaminated;

And the earth laden with radioactive debris.

I wanted to be the source of happiness and prosperity;

Instead, they reduced me to a rubble that carries death and disease.

I was once considered home by a prospering community;

Now, only animals and nature dwell on my lands without worry.

An empty Ferris wheel stands in the middle of nowhere;

Forever waiting to take children around in turns.

They said they’ll be back soon;

But nobody returned to claim the city they called their own.

The blasted reactor still looms in the distance;

Always reminding me of it’s evil nature.

And I can do nothing but remember;

The beautiful days before that nuclear disaster.

I am Pripyat;

The city that stands abandoned forever.





Photo Credit- Martijn Munneke
Photo Credit- Ben Adlard
Photo Credit- Henrik Ismarker


Photo Credit- Kamil Porembinski


Photo Credit- Jeffrey Pick


Photo Credit- Chris Price



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