When A Daughter Becomes A Mother- Late Mother’s Day Post

Dear Mom,

While seeing my own baby cooing and gurgling, and desperately waiting for it to call me “ma,” I have come to realize just how special this word is, and what it means to be a mother.

Every time my baby cries, I realize how painful it must’ve been for you to see me shedding tears for something as silly as a lost toy or a tiny scratch.

When I take my baby in my arms as it tries to walk towards me, I understand the joy you would’ve felt when I ran and hugged you after even a small victory at school.

As I lay awake in bed trying to put my inconsolable baby to sleep, I appreciate the effort and patience behind all those sleepless nights you had to endure when I got sick and couldn’t sleep without you beside me.

When my baby throws tantrums and cries endlessly for no rhyme or reason, I understand the cause of your frustration when I threw hissy fits for stupid reasons.

And as I watch my baby grow up and realize that he will remember none of the sacrifices I made for him when he becomes older, I decide that no matter what happens, I will never forget the sacrifices you made to help me become a better person, and a wonderful mother.

Mom, thank you for doing all the things that you never HAD to do, but did them anyway because you loved me. Thanks to you, I will try to be the best mother to my children, but more importantly, for you, I’ll try to be the best daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Note- I know it’s late, as Mother’s Day was 3 days back, but I’ve been observing my mother and my elder sis who just became a mum, and got inspired to write something about the Mother-Daughter relationship. So to all the amazing mothers in the world, and daughters who will be awesome mothers someday, here’s to the best relationship in the world!


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