About Me

Hey there, welcome to Pen Paper Scribbles!

I am a twenty something girl with the commonest name in the history of Indian names.

My incessant curiosity about all things science and biology led me to acquire a Masters degree in Microbiology, but my eternal love for literature, along with my tendency to go on and on about everything, accidentally led me to pursue writing as a profession.

I have a very quirky way of looking at things, and often get inspired or motivated by the smallest and silliest of things, a trait which I am surprisingly quite proud of.

My body clock works in the opposite direction, which means I am the most active at night and almost sleepwalking through the day.

Thanks to my Obsessive Compulsive “Reading” Disorder, you will never find me without any reading material. Also, I need to listen to and discover new music every other week, in order to be able to sleep well at night. When I am not falling in love with a literary fictional character or story, I can be found obsessing about a character or plotline from one of my many favourite TV shows or movies.

After months of shilly-shallying, I’ve finally decided to keep a virtual diary of my thoughts through this blog. So you can expect some random observations, analysis and silly stories from my everyday life, along with music and book reviews, thoughts on TV shows, movies and pop culture. Hope you find what I scribble down interesting!

P.S. – I am obsessed with Game of Thrones to an extent where I have been advised to seek help.

Thanks for stopping by!


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